This past spring, the Sweetgrass Team finalized a few different floating wetland designs to best fit the needs of our two Lake Union shoreline sites. After a few production days at the UW Hatchery, the wetlands were ready to be deployed!

Site #1 is at the Fremont Fender walls, just to the east of the Fremont Bridge. The floating Wetlands were designed to fit in between each fender wall piling. Tucked into the side, the structure holding the plants is designed to be less noticeable than the plants. Once the plants mature the wetlands will provide a beautiful pop of bright green contrast from the dark brown and gray fender walls.

Site #2 is located at South Lake Union. The floating wetlands deployed here are meant to sink to the floor of the lake as water levels go down through the seasons. Made from completely compostable materials, the structure holding the plants will eventually decompose as the plants root permanently into the soil. Not only does this provide shore stabilization, but it provides critical habitat for fish, birds, and invertebrates.

The floating wetlands will be in the Lake Union until next year so make sure to keep checking on their progress when you walk by!

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