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Something Afloat in the Duwamish River: A Look at Floating Wetlands in an Urban Estuary. Written by Charlotte Dohrn for Currents: A Student Blog. University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs.

Floating Wetlands


Research and Tools

Urban Living Shorelines Precedents. Emma Petersen. September 2020.
urban living shorelines precedents_10_15_2020_compressed (1)

The River That Made Seattle. 

Reviving Urban Ecosystems with Constructed Floating Wetlands. Mason Bowles. Wetlands Science and Practice. Vol. 30, No. 2. April 2019. (Wetland Science & Practice issue focused on constructed floating wetlands.) Download Here

Volume 1: Floating Wetlands Research. University of Washington. Spring 2013. floating_wetlands_Vol_I_Research

Volume 2: Floating Wetlands Design Investigation. University of Washington. floating_wetlands_Vol_II_Design

Shoreline Monitoring Database: “a resource to upload data from standardized protocols to monitor shorelines in Puget Sound, WA.” University of Washington Sea Grant. WA SeaGrant Website Here

Green Shorelines for Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish: “a tool for lakeshore property owners on Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish to improve shorelines for people and salmon.” Green Shoreline Website Here

National Ocean Service (NOAA)- What is a living shoreline? NOAA Website Here

Living Shorelines. Restore America’s Estuaries.



National Floating Wetland Projects

University of Washington’s Green Futures Lab

Seattle, Washington

Helping to run the Duwamish Floating Wetlands project, the Green Futures lab also specializes in “[developing] innovative approaches to the ecological planning and design of public space through interdisciplinary research, design and education”.

Urban Rivers

Chicago, Illinois

Mission “to transform rivers into urban wildlife sanctuaries.”

National Aquarium Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland

Since it launch in 2010, the Baltimore harbor floating wetland has become a refuge for local fish and crustacean.

Charles River Floating Wetland

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Charles River Floating Wetlands were created to improve zooplankton habitat, reintroduce native plants, and encourage public engagement through educating on the importance of river health.

Charles River Conservancy – Floating Wetlands: Engagement and Education

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This page gives more information on the public engagement and education project at the Charles River Floating Wetlands.

The Emerald Tutu

Cambridge, Massachusetts

First place competition entry for 2018 Climate Changed competition at MIT.

Living Shorelines Academy

US Based

“The Academy has created tools to elevate the understanding, importance, and practice of using living shorelines to enhance on-the-ground storm resiliency and create new wetlands.”



Constructed Floating Wetland Technology Sites

Floating wetlands solution – “Design, Manufacturing, Installation & Service of Floating Treatment Wetlands”

Biomatrix Water – “Bringing Water To Life”

Floating Island International – “[Bringing] water back to health by mimicking nature’s own clean-water design abilities”

Nautilus Eco-Solutions –  “Create a nature-friendly bank in an easy and sustainable way.”

Pollution Reporting in Washington State

Where to Report

Puget Soundkeeper: Reporting Pollution Form

Seattle Public Utilities: Surface Water Quality Investigations

King County: Report a Drainage or Water Quality Problem

Water Quality Resources

Washington State Department of Ecology: Water Quality 

Washington State Department of Ecology: River and Stream Water Quality Monitoring